Make 2019 Your Year To KICK New Goals!

“Easily The Best Way To Relieve Stress, Lose Weight, Get In Shape & Meet New Friends. Claim Your 4x Classes & FREE Hand Wraps Today”

ALWAYS Fun, Engaging, Challenging & Exhilarating…

Clear Your Mind & Enjoy The Moment

When you’re hitting a target your are fully engaged in the moment.  No boring workout routines here.

Let out any frustrations on the punching bags and get in amazing shape super fast.

Our Instructors will teach you how to Hit with real Power (this is not dodgy boxercise)

Train With Friends & Make New Friends

Bring a friend to trial our Cardio Kickboxing Class with you.

We know you’ll both love it and you’ll also make new friends in these exciting sessions.

Something about punching and kicking targets brings people together. Have a great session then grab a coffee or juice afterwards.

Discover Your REAL Power

We are not a typical fitness gym… Our Instructors are martial Artists and they will teach you how to strike correctly so you can hit hard without injuring yourself.

Real striking that can help you defend yourself if ever needed.  Have Fun & Discover Your POWER!

If you enjoy these Cardio Kickboxing sessions we also have other Martial Arts/Self Defence classes available for you to expand your skills.

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Conveniently Located in Newington/Silverwater, NSW

Progressive Martial Arts Club – E4 27-29 Fariola St, Silverwater, NSW 2128