$75,000.00+ Worth Of Scholarships Available



Scholarship Applications

KICKS Newington has created a Scholarship Program in partnership with local businesses so that we can provide our Martial Arts & Leadership Training to special applicants that can truly benefit.

David Giovenco has allocated 30 Scholarships for the 2019 School Year.  These are valued at over $2,500 each.

If you have children that are passionate about learning Martial Arts and would benefit from the Character Building and Leadership Skills that we teach at KICKS then please apply online using the form below.  There are only 30 available so please tell us why you feel your family is eligible and wants to join KICKS Newington.

Note: These are partial scholarships to attend KICKS After School Program 3 days each week for the 2019 School Year.  Numbers are limited and will be awarded after reviewing all applications which may involve a face to face interview (TBA).  Applying does not automatically imply acceptance or allocation of a scholarship.

Don’t Settle For Boring After School Care…

Join Our

KICKS After School Martial Arts & Leadership Program


KICKS Newington is owned and run by David and Kiri Giovenco.

“We love our kids and teaching them to be strong and confident individuals with good character and morals is extremely important.  We were not happy with the traditional After School Care options available so we started KICKS to provide a structured program that empowers kids to be their best and become future leaders.”

Our Leadership Program teaches healthy study habits, social interaction and strong character.

The Martial Arts training teaches discipline, respect and boosts confidence.  It also teaches them how to defend themselves from bullies and predators.

“Teaching them to walk tall with confidence and be leaders, not followers is very important to us.  Knowing that they have the skills to defend themselves mentally and physically is our top priority at KICKS”


What Do Parents Have To Say About KICKS?

We think it’s best if you hear about the benefits of our unique program from proud parents with kids in KICKS. Click on these videos to hear their stories and the great changes they’ve seen in their children since joining us…

KICKS is a Confidence Boosting Powerhouse…


The KICKS After School Program will help boost your child’s mental, physical and social development.

Keep reading and/or watch the video testimonials to discover what makes KICKS the absolute best program available for your family.  The following bullet points give you an idea of the basics but what we really do that’s makes us unique is hard to describe in a few brief sentences. It’s best if you can come in and meet us, see our center, meet our team and see for yourself.

  • Free Pick-up from Surrounding Schools (from Newington Public and Wentworth Point)
  • Distraction Free Study Space Provided
  • Healthy Afternoon Snacks also Provided
  • Martial Arts Training – Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0
  • KICKS Leadership Skills & Character Building
  • Social Activity Time (crafts, games, etc)

Let us take care of your child after school by providing a study space void of distractions where they can do their homework and eat a healthy snack before commencing their Martial Arts and Leadership Skills Training. When you are ready to collect them after work they’ll be ready to spend quality family time with you. Please fill in the online Expression of Interest Form and we will contact you about our next available Open Day so you and your children can visit a KICKS location near you.

If you are looking for Martial Arts Training without the full After School Service then check out this Special Offer. Click the button for more info…

27-29 Fariola Street, Silverwater, NSW